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CBD-Patrone: Super Silver Haze 27%

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0.5 ml broad spectrum distillate with 27% CBD


Golden brown and honey-like. Liquid Cannabis. Natural flavor!

Colorful flower nectar: This is high quality real cannabis extract! Golden brown with a honey-like consistency and a heavenly taste. No half stuff but half CBD. We have spent half a lifetime searching for the perfect strains for our nectar filtered, extracted and distilled. Not a cannabis flavored e-liquid, but liquid weed.

Super Silver Haze: Golden brown honey with a creamy taste. Resinous like exploding trichomes! The sativa-typical euphoric effect of Silver Haze makes you understand why the Yanks are so into this stuff. Has nothing to do with classic vaporizing! As always: no half measures. 27% CBD.

Great broad spectrum distillate, perfectly matched to the Bryber Pen!

Colorful Blossom Nectar is highly professionally extracted with love and dedication from our flowers under the best conditions. All varieties are specially selected for extraction. Our quality is confirmed by constant controls in the laboratory. Guaranteed free of vitamin E acetates and additives.

In the entire process from cultivation to delivery, no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic dyes and additives are used. Colorful flower nectar products are free of THC. We use only broad spectrum distillates for our cartridges. In addition to CBD, these contain terpenes, chemical substances produced by the cannabis plant through biosynthesis. Depending on the terpene profile, each strain smells, tastes and acts uniquely.


We strive to bring you only the best extracts. Therefore, our cartridges are filled only with extracts of our own flowers.


THC content below the limit of quantification (< 0.0031%).
Sale from 18 years. 

Category: CBD Vapes

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