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50 PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size activated carbon filters

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Product Information "50 PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size Activated Carbon Filter"
The PURIZE® Original: The XTRA Slim Size filters in a pack of 50!

The smallest filter from PURIZE® is supplied in a resealable and practical 50 supply bag. The storage bag not only ensures that your filters are presented nice, but also creates the best storage conditions for your filters and protects them perfectly from external influences. So you have long something from your activated carbon filters and can transport them carefree!

Coconut-based activated charcoal significantly reduces pollutant absorption and gives you a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience that benefits your lungs. These activated carbon filters are suitable for ALL types of roll-your-own! Also in terms of handling, we have something special for you: Since both end caps are made of ceramic, there is no insertion or insertion direction to consider and you save yourself possibly annoying ""construction work"".
PURIZE® Filters are made from environmentally conscious raw materials and "Made in Germany". 
Dimensions: ø 5.9 mm x 26.9 mm. Filling: coconut-based activated carbon.
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