About Us


We offer you high quality hemp products- healthy for body and mind, after all hemp is a centuries old medicinal plant.

Hemp is a true jack-of-all-trades, offering much more than just its intoxicating THC: hemp is medicine, superfood, sustainable, and a versatile crop used to make paper, clothing, and cosmetics.

Despite this, few people know about the great potential of this wonderful plant, because its bad reputation as a drug precedes it. We from CANNA BERLIN therefore want to enlighten and contribute our part to move the image of hemp back into the right light.


As sustainable as hemp is, we also want to make our business: That's why we source our hemp from German organic hemp farmers in the region and rely on gentle, local processing in Berlin. Our articles we pack with recyclable material and we ship your orders climate neutral via DHL GoGreen.


But we don't just run an online store, we also opened CAFÈ CANNA BERLIN in 2019, Berlin's first hemp café, to finally put hemp back on the plates of Berliners!

Here we want to show you the nutritional benefits of the plant: Part of our concept is to use as many different plant parts of hemp as possible as an integral part of our dishes. We use the hemp protein in our fresh smoothies, the seeds as a topping for our delicious baked goods. The CBD extracted from the cannabis flowers is also an important ingredient in our snacks. 

Informational materials about hemp are available on site, we are happy to advise on our products and of course offer a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy. 

We are convinced that the plant must find its way back into the center of society in order to unfold its full power, because then it can be an answer to many challenges of our time: Satisfy our hunger, relax our mind and protect our climate.

Find more information about hemp, CBD and about us in our blog posts!

Have fun browsing,
wishes the team of CANNA BERLIN! 😊