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Book "Naturally in a good mood - stimulants from nature".

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Strong performance and vitality with plant power. certified by Stiftung Gesundheit

Sebastian Vigl
Anne Wanitschek

140 pages - softcover - 155 mm x 210 mm

ISBN 9783842629387

- Medicinal plants for more performance and joy: in work, education, sports and love life
- Natural neuroenhancement: herbal stimulants for the brain
- The authors are medicinal plant experts and know which natural stimulants have proven effective


Vital, resilient and simply in a good mood - with the power of nature!
Stresses from work, family or illness exhaust us, performance-enhancing and mood-lifting stimulants and drugs are therefore becoming increasingly popular - despite health risks. No one has to take these, because herbal medicine offers a wealth of natural stimulants that boost performance and help with chronic stress, exhaustion, depression, sexual aversion and concentration problems. In their new guidebook, medicinal plant experts Anne Wanitschek and Sebastian Vigl show how more than 30 medicinal plants can be effectively used and usefully supplemented.

The four-week Dynamis program for more performance and joie de vivre
In addition to the natural stimulants, the authors present their Dynamis program, which supports the effect of the medicinal plants and also ensures more self-efficacy, i.e. the conviction that challenges can be overcome from one's own strength. Because: In their practice, Anne Wanitschek and Sebastian Vigl have made the experience that the inner work for more self-efficacy goes hand in hand with the help from outside - whether through mate, rosemary or cocoa and all the other plant powers.

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