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The Hemp and CBD Health Cookbook

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The Hemp and CBD Health Cookbook


Healthy cooking with the cannabis plant and cannabidiol (CBD).
With instructions: make and use CBD edible oils


Authors: Sebastian Vigl, Nico Schack, Anne Brünnert

136 Pages - Softcover - 155 mm x 210 mm

ISBN 9783842629806, Humboldt Verlag

- Up-to-date knowledge on the health effects of hemp foods and cannabidiol (CBD)
- Exploiting the full potential of the hemp plant: remedies and foods in one guide
- Non-intoxicating: the commercial hemp used for the recipes contains the intoxicating THC only in traces, in accordance with the law
- For nutrition-conscious people and people with medical conditions


Rediscover hemp as a living and healing remedy

Hemp is back! Modern research and a globally engaged movement are bringing one of the best-known medicinal and food products back from oblivion. The authors are following this comeback as herbalists, cannabis café owners, and food bloggers. In their book, they explain how the medicinal plant hemp and active ingredients like CBD (cannabidiol) can be used to treat illness and disease. They show how to make CBD-containing cooking oil yourself, what creative and tasty dishes you can cook with hemp and how you can use the hemp plant specifically as a medicinal and food.

Integrate hemp into the diet and support the endocannabiniod system

The human body itself produces cannabis-like substances, the endocannabinoids. They control end-inflammatory processes and the work of the immune system, regulate sleep, pain, memory, cancer defense and stress response, and have an impact on how we feel. Active ingredients of the cannabis plant, such as cannabidiol (CBD), can support the body's endocannabinoid system, alleviate discomfort and help holistically with diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, depression, neurodermatitis or cancer. In their guidebook, the authors explain how CBD from non-intoxicating hemp varieties in the form of oil, seeds or flowers can be integrated into the diet and used for health and well-being.

From the contents: 
Humans and the hemp plant - a turbulent relationship
The comeback of the hemp plant
Therapy with CBD
Enriching meals with oil containing CBD
Selection of recipes: Berry Smoothie with Hemp | Hemp Pancakes | Grandma's Cheesecake with Hemp | Summer Salad with Hemp Parmesan Chips | Hemp Risotto with Mushrooms | Salmon on Hemp with Baked Potatoes | Coconut CBD Layered Dessert

Sebastian Vigl is an alternative practitioner in Berlin and specializes in the use of medicinal plants and their ingredients. Therefore, he follows with great interest the modern medicinal plant research, which leads to many a rediscovery of forgotten medicinal plants such as hemp. He is a member of the Austrian Society for Phytotherapy and co-author of the book "Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) richtig anwenden". On his blog www.naturheilkundekrebs.de he regularly publishes up-to-date articles on the therapeutic uses of CBD and hemp. With the need to contribute to putting the image of hemp back into perspective, Nico Schack became an early member of the German Hemp Association and founded Café Canna - Berlin's first hemp café - in 2019. His goal is to show the nutritional-physiological benefits of the plant and to reintegrate it into the menu of Berliners*. Anne Brünnert is a consultant for social media and web presence - including for Café Canna. Here she also likes to be in the bakery. Some of the most delicious recipes from the café can be found in this book, and she shares many more of her favorite recipes on her food blog www.doughlife.de.

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