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Massage oil with CBD and jojoba

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When a single drop makes all the difference


The The Dreamer CBD Massage Oil by ALPINOLS is a soothing combination of premium jojoba and CBD oil. The rich and soothing properties of the two oils, gently massaged into the skin, lead to a holistic feeling of relaxation of the body. Incidentally, the oil also acts as aromatherapy due to the healthy terpenes from Alpinols' Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, for a longer-lasting feeling of relaxation even hours after the massage. 

The goal of ALPINOLS is to make high-quality and Swiss-made CBD accessible to everyone, for a balanced, stress-free as well as healthy lifestyle. Research, innovation, transparency and trust are among the most important principles of ALPINOLS, aware that our health is at stake.

With more than 15 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and over 25 years in organic farming, the company has come to believe that plants are very similar to humans. The more care and love they get, the better they grow. That is why, for example, each leaf is harvested by hand, without using any foreign substances. The products are analyzed in-house, in collaboration with an independent laboratory, with the aim of being able to guarantee consistency, transparency and the highest quality.

For massage, the massage oil can be easily massaged into the skin without being too liquid or too solid. It is quickly absorbed and leaves a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin. The relaxing effect in the deeper layers of the skin creates a longer lasting wellness feeling.

As body care, the oil can be applied to the still slightly damp skin after bathing or showering and massaged in with gentle movements.

For face, a small amount of the oil can be applied to cleansed, damp skin on the face.

For stressed hair, a few drops can be applied overnight to the ends of the hair or massaged into the scalp. Then rinse with natural shampoo. This provides natural moisture to dry hair.

Suitable for external use only.

Shelf life: 12 months after opening

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Production: In Switzerland according to Bio-Suisse guidelines

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