Hemp milk DIY - healthy, delicious, simple and vegan

Hanfmilch zum Selbermachen – gesund, lecker, einfach und vegan

Voila: Since today, our Hanf- und CBD-Gesundheitskochbuch finally available. Naturopath Sebastian Vigl, food blogger Anne and Canna Berlin founder Nico have teamed up to educate you on 140 pages about the health benefits of hemp and CBD products. But they have also collected delicious recipes so you can get started in the kitchen yourself. The book is available on all major platforms - but your best bet is to order it from our shop! 😊

But everything in order. How did the project actually come about?

Nico reports: "Sebastian has already written several books on the subject of cannabis and medicinal plants, which I liked so much that I have included them in our range. Funnily enough, it then turned out that he lives in the immediate neighborhood of the Café Canna Berlin . As a result, he stopped by for a CBD coffee and we exchanged ideas."

The two understand each other, quickly the idea is born to tackle a joint project. On board food blogger Anne, who has been blogging on Instagram under the name @dough.life for some time now about food, nutrition and health and snaps pretty nice photos of the dishes. "The collaboration was great fun" tells Nico, "even if it was not always easy to structure everything and put the individual chapters together into one big whole."


No wonder! After all, the authors had the ambition to write a comprehensive book on the subject of hemp and CBD in the kitchen, to give you a solid foundation of knowledge. In terms of content, the writing can be divided into two main aspects: first, a theoretical part in which Sebastian, Anne and Nico reflect on hemp as a medicinal plant and its effects on the human body. Here you will learn, for example, what the so-called entourage effect means, what it has to do with the endocannabinoid system and how hemp benefits the intestinal flora.


The second part is primarily practical in nature: here you will learn how to make CBD cooking oil, prepare a berry smoothie with hemp or bake bread based on curd CBD oil - and much more, of course. "The recipes are really delicious" reports Anne, who privately for quite some time passionately likes to cook: "With hemp I had never cooked before, however" she tells, "but when Nico told me about his idea, I became curious of course." 

And anyone who listens to Nico on the subject of hemp quickly realizes that he has the arguments on his side: "Hemp offers a great many advantages: The seeds alone are rich in protein, have a high proportion of vitamins A, B, D and E, and are also rich in vital polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, as well as the rare but essential alpha-linolenic acid. But the leaves and flowers can also be used for cooking and are rich in nutrients. Therefore, it was a personal concern to me to finally collect these pluses and publish them in book form."


In fact, the literature on cooking with hemp is rather manageable and mostly limited to the practical part of the coin, the other side of which is then often missing. Accordingly, the Hemp and CBD health cookbook closes a gap, which gives you not only recipes to cook yourself at hand, but also gives you theoretical knowledge about the connection of hemp, soul and body. Remains only to say: Order the book - and get to the stove! Bon appétit!


Till then,
your team from Canna Berlin


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