CBD raid at Café Canna Berlin - we demand: Stop the harassment!

CBD Razzia im Café Canna Berlin – wir fordern: Schluss mit der Schikane!

The police raided our premises


At the end of the year, the Berlin police raided our premises - on suspicion of dealing in illegal narcotics. Anyone who knows our store and our staff knows how absurd these accusations are. Our products have no intoxicating effect, nor do they have a THC content of more than 0.2%!

We therefore consider the police action to be pure harassment and the result of a half-baked policy that neither wants to take note of the fact that CBD does not cause intoxication, nor that commercial hemp has a centuries-old tradition in Germany. In total, the officials have confiscated goods worth 5000€, such as chocolate, oils and flowers, in order to examine them in the laboratory for their THC GEhalt. Even our hemp seeds were not stopped, although they do not even contain CBD, let alone THC. A fact that could be proven by a ten second google search.

So a raid means an emotional burden and through the confiscation of our goods also an economic loss. We therefore demand: the harassment must end! End with the CBD raids.


CBD raids across Berlin


We were still comparatively lucky: The officials were determined, but friendly and they have even given us through the flower to understand that you even the sense of such a raid only limited. Even the police knows - apparently different from the Berlin politics - that CBD is not an addictive substance. Nevertheless: regulation seems to be regulation and a conversation was only possible to a limited extent; except for cosmetics, the officers took everything that was not rivet and nail proof.  

It has hit our colleagues Tom Hemps worse (click). In May last year alone, the police carried out three raids and even caused an estimated damage of €40,000 during a later raid in November. In the entire year, police there confiscated goods worth €400,000! At Hempvizer, the police also carried out several raids last year and arbitrarily confiscated goods, such as hemp noodles, which can be bought in any health food store. There, they even opened pipelines in which they suspected illegal goods. Found it there, of course, not.

But also in the rest of the republic


By the way, the police harass the CBD entrepreneurs not only in Berlin, but also in other cities. For example, in Würzburg, they used a battering ram (!) to gain access to the private apartment of a franchisee of Cannameleon, in order to search it for illegal substances. In the process, police even dumped the lady's ashtray on the floor to find any joint stubs (click).  Something similar is happening in Munich: More than a dozen raids have already been carried out in the hemp organic stores of Bavarian hemp veteran Wenzel Cerveny. Total value of the seized goods: more than 250,000€ (click).

Stop the harassment


With this in mind, we demand: Stop the harassment! The constant raids in Berlin and throughout Germany must come to an end, because they not only cost us operators time, money and energy, but also waste police resources. The results of the raids are so far namely: missing - no illegal trade in THC products anywhere. Big surprise.

So the raids are the expression of a completely misguided policy towards hemp and CBD products, which urgently needs to be changed. Because hemp and CBD are a future market that offers healthy and sustainable products. A fact that was recently confirmed by the European Court of Justice in November last year. This judged namely that CBD has "no psychotropic effects or harmful effects " on the human body. It is therefore necessary to create further legal foundations that simplify the cultivation and trade of CBD products and put it on a solid legal footing.

Improve the legal situation for CBD


Because the current legal regulation around CBD is still unclear in some parts. At least it is clear: which product has a THC content of over 0.2% is illegal, what is below that remains legal. Nevertheless, there is a catch, because even if our products are proven to have less than 0.2% THC content, they fall under the so-called Novel Food regulation, which in the EU first puts novel foods on the siding to test them for safety. Thus everything is considered Novel Food, which was allegedly not usually consumed in Europe before 1997. Actually a well-founded concern, only in relation to hemp products completely out of place, after all, hemp is not about new here, but rather represented at the latest since the Middle Ages on the European menu, in the form of butter, pastries, soup.


That's why we at Canna Berlin are allowed to sell you cosmetic products, e-liquids, cold press products as well as aroma extracts without hesitation, but we can only recommend our oils and flowers for external use and have to advise against consumption, even though they are proven not to intoxicate! This is not only bureaucratic nonsense, but also confuses customers and prospective customers, even unsettles them at times.

That's why we at Canna Berlin demand from politicians: finally put the cultivation and trade of hemp and CBD products on a legally sound footing and untangle the bureaucratic chaos that not only harms us operators, but also the police and the taxpayer. Thank you

Unfortunately, until then, there will probably be some more water flowing down the Spree, so we recommend you: subscribe to our newsletter, enjoy Canna Berlin products - and stay loyal to us.

Your team from Canna Berlin


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